Quora answer

Which came first: the universe or time?

Answered just now

There is no time separate from space. There is only Einstein’s spacetime, which expands outward from the origin. Since I believe the Symmetrical Time Hypothesis is true, I suggest that spacetime also expands backward in time from the origin, full of what we would consider to be antimatter, identical in all ways to our matter, but moving oppositely to us in spacetime. The histories would be divergent, but within the same physics as us. There is no antimatter you. The Big Bang was at the center of time. The only events occur at the two opposite present moments, 27,000 million years apart, at which the twin Universal wave functions collapse to create the next events throughout them. There is no actual past or future, only now, gone and maybe. Enjoy NOW, it’s all there was and ever will be.

So the answer is, time, the space and the material objects in the universe are inseparable. They arose at the same instant and are expanding outward in both directions in spacetime. What we call time is that expansion.


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